Monday, May 21, 2007

Sketchasaurus Rex

3 fellas I drew in my sketchbook today:


Bill Ferguson said...

Awsome, these are amazing!!!!!

Shawn Escott said...

Nice Adam! Wonderful sketches.

Ted Dawson said...

These are great. They're like sketches taken from life.

....they're not, are they?

Jenny Kroik said...

Is the third guy a combination of the first and second? :}
very cool drawings, well done!

Adam Rex said...

Thanks, everyone!

No, not taken from life, Ted, but cobbled together from variety of sources. So a lot of anonymous people laid the foundation for these.

Jenny–funny, I didn't think of that when I drew them. Probably because I drew the middle, bottom, top, rather than top, middle, bottom. Anyway, they are a megalodon shark, a camarasaurus, and a plesiosaur. And they all come from the same picture book I'm working on, so lucky me.

Superma...rlon Wiilhelm said...

Hey well I think you're a great artist, I dunno how you do all those things but you do, and pretty good.
I have my own blog, ofc. I'm not as good as you, but well I try to improve my skills day by day, so well let me say congratulations, here's my blog.

Maybe you could check it and give me your opinnion.
Congratulations for your illustrated books.