Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Special Request

Diantres has asked if I could post a decent-sized image of a card of mine in the most recent Magic: The Gathering epansion, Lorwyn. It's called "Horde of Notions," apparently. When I was working on it, it was called "Teeming Host."
Here you go, Diantres:


Por Rodrigo Díaz & Company, (Solcito y Beño). said...

Me encantan tus ilustraciones para Magic!
son realmente extraordinarias!

Diantres said...


thanks a lot Adam!

this illustration it's just marvelous!

Francis Vallejo said...

WOW wow!! Top notch, I really enjoy how colorful it is, but still seems very unified!!! Thanks for the inspiration.
take care,

Adam Rex said...

Thanks, guys. This is a favorite card of mine.

Kidd Liquid The Serial Chiller said...

Incredible work. Very cool.

John Reddinger said...

really beautiful.

Is that the Firefox logo come to life itn the lower left there? :)

csteingart said...

Freakin' gorgeous man, soo lush. Those creatures are amazing, yum.


capprotti said...

WOW Adam! I really love this piece! The style and design are beautiful! And of course the colors and application of paint are amazing as usual. Great stuff!