Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sophomore Undercover

Some time ago a was sent an advance reader's copy of a forthcoming book called Sophomore Undercover, the debut novel by Ben Esch. Hyperion books asked me for a blurb if I liked it. I liked it very much, and said it was "Like getting kicked in the nuts by Mark Twain." Hyperion asked me for a new blurb. I don't remember what they decided to go with, but something nice I said about this book will appear on the back cover.

I'll probably post about this book again a little closer to the publication date next month, but I mention it now because Ben Esch has created a video game for his book, and we want you to play it.

Dixie Nguyen's Nerd Quest


poemhome said...

I like the original blurb

Leighton Johns said...

'Getting kicked in the nuts'... that was one of Twain's lesser known works, right?

Ben Esch said...


Thanks so much for blogging about this. A couple people have already beaten the game too, which I still can't comprehend. I thought this thing was supposed to be impossible.

Anyway, thanks again. You are awesome, and it's a real honor to get some of your readers to stop by my blog.

Ben Esch

Paul Michael Murphy said...

The blurb they ended up using is good too. I read it on my v-log about the book. Which means I've just increased your exposure by about six people.