Monday, February 2, 2009

Where I'll Be...

...if you're a lazy private detective hired to follow me or that process server I've been dodging.

Friday, February 6th from roughly 6 to 9pm– at Brave New Worlds Comic Shop in Old City, Philadelphia (45 N. 2nd St.) for the opening of the "Honest Abe" art show. Come see my and a lot of other artists' interpretations of Abraham Lincoln in honor of his 200th birthday. A preview of my painting is at right, which I've intentionally made VERY SMALL so that it'll look huge at the show.

Saturday, February 7th from 2-4pm– I'll be reading and drawing and signing books at Head House Books at 619 S. 2nd St., Philadelphia. Bring the kids!

Sunday, February 8th, afternoon– I'll be wandering around the Children's Book Fair at the Main Line Art Center (746 Panmure Rd., Haverford, PA). I don't have anything to do with this event personally, but friends of mine will be signing and presenting. Not "presenting" in the mating sense, you understand. I mean they'll be talking about their books.


Tim Durning said...

Really excited you're going to have a piece in the Lincoln Show! I work with Chris Patchell and when he told me about you showing with us at Brave New Worlds, it got me even more pumped up. Can't wait to see the show.

Adam Rex said...

Hi Tim! Will I get to meet you at the show? I suppose we might run into each other Wednesday night, too.

Great work on your blog.

Diantres said...

Good luck Adam!