Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dancin' Pogo

Some time ago I animated my clown Pogo from TREE RING CIRCUS with the easy and fun online animation studio Pictaps. For some reason, in this small version his face doesn't look right. See the full-size version here.


Shay said...

Just a quick note to say my whole family loves your books. Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich was a HUGE hit in my daughter's third grade class 'Parent Reading Day' (Especially the poem about Zombies) and Tree Ring Circus was a bedtime pleasure for my two year old son and his father and I until the copy was molested recently. (It was loved to death- big peanut butter smudges from an adventurous toddler, dog with a PB craving, you get the picture. So did the pup, unfortunately.)

Any chance you'll list local events? We're in Bucks County, and was hoping to be able to bring my son and daughter to a book signing to let them see who actually wrote their books. Plus we need another intact copy of Tree Ring Circus!

But mostly- thank you for the awesome work. And if my kids were awake, I'm sure they would say, "BEEEEEEEEEEE! Bump!" Then fall down with giggles.


Adam Rex said...

Thanks, Shay! (and family)

I'm definitely going to be better about listing local events in the future, though I have none planned at the moment apart from a school visit at the Plymouth Meeting Friends School on May 15th (and, being a school visit, it's not exactly public. I don't know how they would feel about visitors.)
Anyway, I'm sure I'll be doing something in or near Bucks County before long.