Sunday, April 15, 2007

SPECTRUM Preview 2

Some of you might recognize this next guy.

The second piece of mine that will be appearing in the Spectrum 14 annual is this depiction of my version of Frankenstein from Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich. This image never appeared in the book, however. I painted it to be a tabletop standee that Harcourt distributed to booksellers as an in-store advertisement. The blank menu board was printed with selected titles of poems from the book.
Here's a bit of the painting in progress, shot by a spectator at the second Art Out Loud event at the Society of illustrators.


Ryan Wood said...

That's one fine painting, sir! His colors and pose are fantastic!

Unknown said...

agreed with Ryan... what did you use to paint that with? what medium is it?

Adam Rex said...

Thanks, guys. This one is pure oils on 300 lb. watercolor paper, which I sealed up with several coats of matte medium. I use linseed oil and also Liquin with the oils.

Chan Ghee Leow said...

Solid! Any live reference?

Adam Rex said...

No live reference, c.g. leow, but plenty of photographic reference. You can see a little of it crowding around the painting in the progress shots–photos of me in the same pose, photos of the bust of Frankenstein I sculpted, probably some other stuff.
Nice work on your blog, by the way!

Andy Murray said...

your 2 favorite paintings of mine both involve Frankenstein. I could look at him alllll day.

That sounds creepy. Sorry.