Thursday, April 12, 2007


I found out recently that four illustrations of mine will be featured in Spectrum 14–the 14th annual of "the best in contemporary fantastic art." I hear you saying, (again, please don't look for the secret microphone. It embarrasses us both.) "Well, of course you got work in. You were one of the judges this year." I did indeed have that honor, and it may alarm you to know that judges even have their entry fees waived. But judges are also forbidden to vote on their own work, so all judges' work starts with a slight disadvantage. I had to depend on the other five judges to vote for me, and three of them were unfamiliar with my work going in. I think it's a good system, but if you disagree you are naturally invited to comment below.
I thought I'd show the pieces that got in, none of which can be found yet on my portfolio site. The first was created for a Magic: The Gathering promo card called Eternal Dragon:

The poor fellow is guilt-stricken over some past wrong, and bites his own tale in a symbol both of penance and eternity. The makers of Magic chose a version without the decorative border for their card, but I put it back in when submitting to Spectrum, 'cause that's how I roll.


Anonymous said...

Well, of course you got work in. You were one of the judges this year.
But it's still cool.

Unknown said...

This is one of the coolest dragons I have seen. Glad you got a blog up - great work.
Congrats on all the Spectrum entries too.

Ryan Schutter said...

Awesome. Awesome Awesome.

Andy Murray said...

wow, that Dragon really is eternal! Much cooler than those boring ephemeral ones. Seriously, your work is consistently excellent and unique. I hope you're coming to the San Diego Comic Con this year. It would be great for everyone (especially me) to meet you and buy your prints and books and whatnots.