Thursday, September 6, 2007

Character in Search of a Story #6 and CONTEST!

UPDATE!–I've joined with Ironic Sans to hold a contest–a contest to name the next Character in Search of a Story. Click HERE for details. The winner recives the original art!

Look at that cat! That's a barn next to him! That's a cow! He's HUGE! What a big, floppy kitty.
I'm really ripping off Totoro on this one.
Here's the last C.S.S..


Mike Dutton said...

hehe, cockeyed animals are always fun, no matter which character they may resemble.

Adam Rex said...

Ain't it the truth?
Seriously nice blog and site, Mike. I especially like this piece.

Shawn Escott said...

That is one huge kitty!!! Yeah, i'm digg'n the eyes too :)

Bill Ferguson said...

Wow this looks awesome. I think Totoro could have a semi ripped off american brother. Great character!!

Arrolynn said...

This is great! I love what you're doing with the characters...Many times I find myself drawing characters only because I can think of a story to back it up...great idea.

Adam Rex said...

Hi Arrolyn! Yeah, I think I have to keep doing this–it's where my best ideas come from.
Thanks, Shawn and Bill!

Patrick Auletto said...

That's is one crazy kitty !