Sunday, September 30, 2007

Role Models

Possible new feature around here. Portraits of some of the people who've inspired me to make the kind of books I make.

Around 1990 I was working in a bookstore, and saw some of the antastic picture books that were being produced at the time. Picture books unlike those I'd read when I was a kid. One of them was The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Scieszka and illustrated by Lane Smith. They of course followed this up with The Stinky Cheese Man. It wasn't hard to see myself making picture books after that.


Arrolynn said...

Great role model choice Adam! I noticed you have Jon Foster on your links, he came to Ringling and did a couple demos. He's a really nice guy and really fun to watch paint. We would love to have you visit some day!

Adam Rex said...

Yeah, Jon Foster is a great and very generous guy. I'd love to visit as well. Maybe we can work something out in 2008.
Nice new work on your blog, Arrolyn!

Jennifer Kearney said...

This is so bizarre! David Christiana brought a handful of books into our illustration class yesterday, and "The Stinky Cheese man..." was one of them. And it was one of my favorites of the bunch. Spooky!