Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big Blue Marble

Come join me at Big Blue Marble Books in Mt. Airy, Pennsylvania on Saturday, the 12th. I'll be there at 2 PM as part of the Mt. Airy Kid's Literature Festival, reading and guessing people's weight.


Marcelo Braga said...

Hey, Adam! Man, you're the best Discovery I made last year. I bought your book "Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich" from Amazon just for the cover and I was inpressed. I showed the book to some friends and since than you have a small legion of fans here in Brazil. That's it, your work is just amazing! By the way, I really liked the Skeleton you posted some days ago... Cheers!

Francis Vallejo said...

Wow, I missed the boat with these past few posts!! Terrific work!!

Anonymous said...

The True Meaning Of Smekday is the best book I've ever read!!

Unknown said...

Jeez.. wonderful work Adam! I love your imagination and creativity as well as your technical skills.