Thursday, April 3, 2008

Magic Week Rolls On

A Faerie Queen. This wasn't my character design. I should probably be clear that none of these I've posted this week were entirely my character designs–I got to spin some more than others.


MotherReader said...

Oh, I love that one because it's so Pretty. My inner girly-girl is grinning.

Shawn Escott said...

Amazing brother man! Your paintings are the rockin!.

Diantres said...

oh, is great Adam!

hear the shouts of the people:
"we need a Magic Month"
"we need a Magic Month"

or a Friday (or other day) of D&D and Magic, as regular posting in the blog would be nice...

oh yeah i'm a MTG illustation fan, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Couple questions:
1. Is the double exposure on the right side intentional?
2. Did this start out as a digital underpainting?
3. What you using for them there digital underpaintings anyway?

I'm headed that way myself as all this oil painting buildup is time consuming enough to make me want to explore other routes. Time is money, blah,blah,blah.

Always good to see you work and darned if this one ain't just plain gorgeous!

Adam Rex said...

Mine too, Motherreader.
Thanks, Shawn!
I'll take it under advisement, Diantres.
Hey Steve,
Your stuff from this whole Lorwyn cycle has looked amazing. Rebecca Guay thought a painting of yours of a female elf was by me, and I was very flattered.
1. The double exposure is just a scanning error, from before I learned how to auto-align. I must have just been lazy that day.
2. This one's all oils. No digital.
3. Painting in P-shop (with a Wacom these days, but not back then), printing out on a good color copier on glossy cardstock, mounting and sealing with matte medium, then paint.
The book I'm working on now is all digitally painted. I couldn't have finished anywhere near on-time otherwise.