Thursday, February 13, 2014


And LO, a hero will come, as the Prophecy has foretold. And lo, he will be strong, and beautiful.

Or she. He or she will be strong and beautiful, keeping in mind that words like these are hard to pin down.

Like maybe the hero is beautiful on the inside or something? The Prophecy doesn’t say exactly.

And yea, in the twilight of whatever year this is, the CHOSEN ONE will arise and slay the Great Dragon, and release the Sugar Zombies from their enchantment, and thwart the Lady of the Lake in her plan to tear a door in the universe. The Prophecy says all this and more.

I don’t have it with me; I can show it to you later if you want.

But LO! Lo, it is written that there shall be a handsome knight! And a time-traveling Merlin! And a stouthearted leprechaun! And a girl possessed of a FRIGHTENING GENIUS.

And a boy who once won a second-place ribbon for apple carving at the Delaware County Fair, children 5-8 division.

Though he was technically nine.

Read on, seeker of truth! READ ON!

(by which I mean please consider reading my COLD CEREAL SAGA, which is today completed with the publication of CHAMPIONS OF BREAKFAST)
An illustration from my new novel, CHAMPIONS OF BREAKFAST, and an inadvertent self portrait.