Monday, June 4, 2007

BEA Thanks

Thank you to everyone who ame to see me at Book Expo America last week in New York City. I had a great show, and a couple of great signings with Harcourt and Hyperion.

Special thanks to the guy inside the gorilla suit at my Harcourt signing. I wish I could remember his name. The Javits Center was hot enough for the rest of us without wearing black fur. And I know he was dripping sweat at the end, because he accidentally flicked some of it on me when he waved goodbye. Goodbye, talking gorilla. Fare thee well.


Andy Murray said...

Dear Mr. Rex,

You're from Arizona?!? Neat! Were you near Phoenix? My friend JoshuatheJames and I went to Canyon Lake outside of Phoenix. Between that, the Grand Canyon, and the Painted Desert, I kind of got whooped by Arizona. It was shockingly wonderful.

Meanwhile, it's quite a morale boost to hear that you approve of my work. I'm retouching several new works to pile onto my website and blog (it'll happen in the next week or two), and when it all goes down I will alert you of it within SECONDS!

Also, Pennsylvania may be canyon-deficient, but it sure isn't Brandywine-deficient! It's also not a Frazetta Museum-free zone, I hear.

Sincerely and exclamation-pointy(!!!),

Mr. Andy

Diantres said...

talking gorilla!

man, can i do a fanart of Abraham Superlincoln?

Adam Rex said...

I grew up around Phoenix, Andy, but I can't remember if I've ever been to Canyon Lake. Which is odd, I suppose, because it looks like it's only about 25 miles away from my old house.
But I know what you mean about Arizona whooping a person. I still go back every Christmas to see family, and every year the cactus seems like a New Thing, never before seen by man.
And yes, PA has it's many charms, some of them Bandywine-related.

diantres–AmarĂ­a un cierto arte de Abraham SuperLincoln. Si usted lo hace, por favor enviarme un JPEG.
Sorry if that Spanish sucked.