Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Phony Tiny

I was just looking at photos on Brian Biggs' (Biggs's?) site ( and noticed this photo that looks like a miniature but isn't a miniature. I love these, so I thought I'd post my favorite of those that I've made. This is Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park, taken (not by me) from a small prop plane, altered (by me) in Photoshop, and absolutely not a photograph of a miniature.


Anonymous said...

Biggseseses's. That's how we spells it.
Like, "hey ma, Brian Biggseseses's cows is in our yard!"
By the way, there's a bunch of these miniature-nots on Flickr. Search "tilt-shift." Fer real. Yers is neat.

Sam Nielson said...

This is great! I'd be really curious to see how you did it.

Adam Rex said...

Hi Sam, great blog and art!
There isn't much to it, apart from some blurring of the foreground and background and increased contrast and saturation. It's weird how well it works.
Brian's right, there's great stuff on flickr.
There are some links here on Drawn! as well, including a tutorial.