Monday, November 5, 2007

An Introduction–

How cool is this? Here's a transcript of an introduction written by 6th grader Brooks Gonzales, which he read before I took the stage at a reading this past weekend in Austin, TX:

In my study of Adam Rex
I had to read a lot of text.
Adam Rex, he likes to rhyme
With puns and limericks from
Time to time.

In his book titled Pssst,
It's not your ordinary zoo.
You will meet cunning and
Clever animals all the way
They convince a little girl
To do their bidding.
And when you read the end
You'll say
You've got to be kidding!

In his book, Tree Ring Circus,
One thing you will agree
Is that it isn't about a circus
But more about a tree.
His attention to detail
Is clever it's true
If you read through it fast
You won't have a clue.

His most notable book
Frankenstein Makes a
Would appeal to anyone
Who likes monsters, It's a
Small World, and a whole
Lot of fun.

He is hip this man, named
Adam Rex
Including pop culture in
The fine print of his text.

While reading the book
Some things that I noticed
Was that Latin dance, the Yeti,
And Phantom of the Opera were
Of focus.

His books show detail, humor and wit
And when you start one
You won't want to quit!

Thanks, Brooks, for the best introduction I've ever been given.

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c.g.young said...

now let's see the illustration for the poem.
BTW,.."Frankenstein makes a Sandwich", gets read frequently at my household, as does "Pssst."