Thursday, January 3, 2008

Life Imitating Dracula

Got this message from a friend a while back, about her son, Kyle:

We had broccoli for dinner tonight. Kyle was (by far) the last one eating. I was already washing dishes in the kithen when he walks in, pointing to me saying, “Vhat are you staring at?”

It's a pretty good impersonation.


froggie is... said...

ackk!!! that green! pops out just as much on him as it does on drac! verry funny! the smallest fan in this house is running around asking for "CORN! CORN! CORN! CORN! CORN! FUEL! FUEL! FUEL! FUEL!"

and now i know he's planning something....BIG! ")

MotherReader said...

That's my favorite of the poems. Clever kid.

Patrick Auletto said...

Love I how the Count's expression reminds me of Henry Winkler aka the Fonz.