Monday, February 11, 2008

Inside the Secret Lair

The world will rue the day it crossed Grit Sanderson!

–Right, no doubt. Who’s he again?

–Wh–I’m Grit Sanderson! That was my name before I became the bitter Doctor Chill!


–I thought you knew that.

–No. Huh.


–Nothing. You were saying? They’d rue the day?

–YES! The world will tremble in fear when–

–Your name is really Grit Sanderson?

–Don’t you think I’d know?

–It’s just…how is it you don’t have some…like…sand powers or something? Grit? Sanderson?

–Well my parents didn’t name me after I fell into the vat of liquid helium–

–I know, I know, but…still, that’s just how these things usually work out. Lightning Lord’s real name is Fry Watts. Grizzly Blair’s name really is Blair. Blair Honeytree, actually.

–Yes, I know Blair, thank you. We used to date.

–I figured you’d be…I.C. Weathers, or something.


–Nippy Winters…

–I want to be alone.


froggie is... said...

inside the secret lair, huh? my eyebrows are waaaay up and i'm wicked curious, and, i feel kind of lost. so, that's a good thing, right? :)

Lunchbox said...

I smell a new book...
Funny stuff, sir.

Dave O'Neill said...

haha ... so great, Adam Rex. Your an inspiration.