Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mustaches For Kids Update #3

To my regular readers, I apologize. There have probably been a lot more mustache-related posts recently than you'd come to expect. Sure, you read someone's blog, you're probably thinking, you expect a few mustache posts. But shut up already. I understand. If you can just bear with me a little longer, I promise to soon show pictures of blue whales on skateboards.
In the meantime, won't you consider donating ten dollars through the DonorsChoose sidebar on the right? You'll be helping underfunded school teachers to buy things like books and frogs.
Special thanks to new donors Dan Santat, Chelle Jenkins, green froggie, and Mrs. Elizabeth Haltom.


Tod Robbins said...

Awesome sir.

Pedro Couto e Santos said...

This is probably irrelevant to you, but I'm so bored of your moustache that I'm unsubscribing your feed.

bill said...

great art guy. sad moustache guy.

Douglas Florian said...

And what happened to Lincoln's moustache?

Jason Michels said...

That video is really cool. You must have been planning this from the beginning.

Jean Wogaman said...

I think you qualify for this: