Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Think Your Cover Concept's Approved? Guess Again.

My new book, Guess Again!, written by Mac Barnett, is now on sale. Check out these previous posts to learn more about it.

Finding the right cover for Guess Again! turned out to be more challenging than anyone expected, and a while back I thought I might, on this day, begin a multi-post series describing that process. But I don't think I have the strength. So I'm just dumping nearly every cover sketch I submitted to Mac and our editor in one ungainly post.

We always intended to have some sort of surprise associated with the cover–some funny dissonance between what you thought you were looking at and what you discovered once the cover was opened. So most of these are presented in pairs–cover on the left, inside page on the right.

I welcome questions, as even I have a hard time understanding what some of these were about anymore.

Click to enlarge.


yoborobo said...

I get tired just looking at this. :) Pam

Adam Rex said...

The Adam Rex blog! Guaranteed to make you existentially weary.

David said...

My favorite is the words/pictures/bird/pig cover. Also, "Something Embarrassing With Lincoln" sounds like a great title for something. Maybe a David Sedaris book.

Adam Rex said...

Nah, more like Sarah Vowell.

Kelly Polark said...

The ten dollar cover and Hamilton on the throne is pretty darn funny! (I will never think of Alexander the same again...)
Very cool to see the myriad of concepts!

Vinod Rams said...

I think I'd like to see a few more options. Try a little "out of the box thinking"

But seriously, these are all great!
The Hamilton toilet gag is awesome. What's the age group for the book?

Jason Michels said...

So, Adam.

It seems like this whole book is about visual gags. What was that collaboration like between you and the author? Did he come to you with sketches?

Phil Hilliker said...

Vinod is just upset because his art directors are always asking him the same thing. More options! Get out of the box!

Really though, he's right. These are really fun. It's cool to see how many different directions you were purposing with these.

The one with you and Mac Burnett along with the editor is my favorite. What kind of comments did you get back for the Hamilton gag? I can't see them being anything but cautious about it!

Adam Rex said...

Thanks, Kelly!

I presume it's 4-8, Vinod. Not sure.

No, Jason, I was just given the text to work with and interpret as I chose. This is nearly always the case. An author approaching the illustrator with sketches would be HIGHLY discouraged by the editor.

Actually, Phil, the Hamilton idea was seriously entertained for a while. I was as surprised as anyone.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Seeing the long slog you took to get the cover just right helps the rest of us not whine so much. Looks like it was a fun ride, though.