Monday, November 16, 2009

Halfway There

The month is half over, and I'm just two weeks from getting to shave this thing off my face. I think we can all agree it looks like a pair of doormats for my nose. My nose is a duplex in this metaphor.
Anyway, so far we've raised $655, and helped to fully fund two projects. The teachers have written back:
Dear Michelle, Chelle, Andrea and Kathie,
...Thank you so much for reaching out to a group of students whom you've never even met. Please know that in troubled economic times such as these, when educational budgets fall short, it's generous people like you that help us teachers raise up and educate a future generation of leaders, doctors, writers, teachers, etc.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
With gratitude,
Mrs. N.

Dear Michelle, Andrea, Sarah, Kelly DiPucchio and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
Thank you for believing in education. Your donation is a tangible reminder to me that there are people "out there" who believe in what I do with my students day after day. Words cannot express what a boost that is for me as a teacher.
...Students from years to come will benefit from having this classroom set of books available to all teachers on our campus.
Your generation is a gift to me as a teacher, to my current students and to students yet-to-come.
With gratitude,
Mrs. A.

Mac, Andrea, and Fox Family,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your donations come at a time when I needed the pick-me-up. This week our copy machine was either not working or the paper kept getting jammed, so teacher creativity and frustration took in to play. It's difficult to teach without necessary tools. I so appreciate your donations...

Claudia there hasn't had her needs fully funded yet. Maybe we can help her out? Hers is the project "To See, Or Not To See!"


Anonymous said...

What great teachers!

I put this out on my FaceBook too. I hope somebody picks it up for you.

Michelle said...

Okay, I gave one more time. I don't care what your mustache does from here on out - unless you dye it fluorescent colors. Still, these are wonderful causes.

Michelle said...

PS: It looks like there are at least 2 people representing MN -- so I'm challenging people from other states that get really, really cold to show we make up for our state-of-emergency-temps in other ways.

Dan Santat said...

I think you look rather dashing Mr. Rex. Yes, I said dashing.

Summer Edward said...

Hey Mr. Rex, this week the book you illustrated, Billy and His Blue Whale Problem, was mysteriously delivered to my door. I reviewed it on my blog: Great book, great illustrations! I love it!