Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tucson-Area People!

I'll be signing at the Barnes and Noble on Broadway this Sunday, the 12th, from 1-3. I'll be there with a bunch of other local authors, too.

Also? I recently learned that my novel Fat Vampire will be on the Washington Post's list of the best books of the year. I understand the list will be printed in this Sunday's section.

Finally, I present a photo of what's on my work bench right now. Hands.

Previously, heads.


Dan Santat said...

Ah! I know what this is for, now. Very cool.

froggie is... said...

oh that's so cool!
mazzzeltov on the list, adam! :D

FV was a lot of fun to read. a nice "palette cleansing sorbet" to all those "angsty bat" chick-lit stories. (yeesh!)