Thursday, February 17, 2011

Manners Mash-Up On Sale Today!

I know I mentioned all this before, but I just learned that a collection to which I contributed called Manners Mash-Up is officially on sale today. This book also features Bob Shea, Sophie Blackall, Dan Santat, Henry Cole, and many others. Kirkus says it's "Good advice waggishly packaged and not completely tasteful—a winner."

I did the spread about table manners. Click to enlarge.

You know, I don't think I follow any of these commandments except the ones about feet and napkins. It's like my mother didn't raise me right. But I know that could not possibly be the case, because my mother is classy and beautiful and reads my blog.


Kelly Polark said...

Fun! That looks like something my silly kids would enjoy.
Recently bought Funny Business! Good stuff, and I'm passing it along to my 11 yr old now. (Yeah, I got to read it first).

Karen said...

Cool! I just happened on this book at Barnes and Noble last night. Love your advice to keep your feet off the table. Even if feet is what's for dinner.