Saturday, July 23, 2011

Get Antsy When I Haven't Posted Any Art in a While.

So here's some. A preview image from my next novel, COLD CEREAL.


tlchang said...

Nice! Love the tall guy.
(Did you ever resolve your issues with the cover?)

Adam Rex said...

I didn't have time to do everything I could have done, Tara, but I posted a before and after for the cover on June 21st. Let me know what you think.

tlchang said...

(I feel super awkward critiquing you, but if you were a member of my critique group, this is what I'd say:)

I think you resolved the biggest issues well. A couple of further tweaks you might consider: a. the kid and the door are still highly realistic. You added more realism in the structures on the roof, but I think you could still push things like the pipe and metal bars that are left of center, for instance, so that they feel as realized as the stuff on the right and below.
b. the pink dragon statue above the door is still disconcertingly life-like. Maybe his pupils could be faded and looking blankly out into the distance instead of down at the boy at the door? You keep expecting him to move or something.
c. those statues are still quite colorful (So.Much.Pink.) considering the light neutral of the building and draw your eye more than the boy and door do. If that is the desired effect, then, yay, but in case it isn't, I'd neutralize that dragon some more.

How's that for presumptuous?

Adam Rex said...

I probably don't have the time to revisit it again, Tara, but I appreciate the critique!

Mayneaux said...

You know this Adam, but I do adore your drawings.