Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kahlo and Rivera

I just got back from a trip to Mexico City, and while there my wife and I visited the studios of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Frida's first:

Note Kahlo's actual wheelchair (from late in life) in front of the easel.

The wall-plaque said:
In this part of the house–designed by Juan O'Gorman in 1944–the artistic essence of Frida Kahlo is distilled: her brushes, her easel (a gift from Nelson Rockefeller), the mirror she used for her self-portraits, and her books...There are also perfume flasks and varnish jars which the artist used to hold her paint.  All of the materials remain exactly as she left them.  One striking feature of the studio is the painting which depicts the evolution of the human fetus, a reminder of Frida's obsession with the maternity she was never able to achieve.
Yeah, so here's that fetus poster they mentioned:

I was also captivated by whatever this was:

Besides awesome.
Next, Diego's set-up:

Didn't even understand what these were.  Pigment manufacturer's samples?
And there are boxes of powdered pigment, I guess?  I'd love to read opinions in the comments.


Kjersten said...

That's so cool that you got to go there! That's on a wish list of mine. Thanks for sharing pictures.

Dow said...

Really cool to see. Thank you for sharing.

Sarah Romano Diehl said...

Thanks so much for sharing. It must be wonderful in person.

Brian said...

The pigment manufacturer's samples look like they're actually glaze examples. Like for pottery.
Looks like a good time, Adam.

Jinnie said...

very nice !
I think you're right. According to what's written on the boxes, these seem to be powdered pigments for frescoes, imported from Paris. The colors I can make out : Natural Sienna, Dark Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue (maybe Cadmium Yellow). Possibly some varnish, too.

M said...

"Besides Awesome" lol!

We are returning to Detroit this summer to enjoy some Diego Rivera murals at the DIA. Thanks for this glimpse of his life- I love seeing studios.