Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pssst!–Making the Cover

Here's a potentially embarrassing look behind the scenes at the making of the cover of Pssst! (see previous post for the final cover).
My first finished sketch was theatically similar, but with a completely different composition ang title design. The thumbnail:

and the finished sketch, with some digital color:

Harcourt didn't like it. I can't remember why. But I like the final cover better, so they must have been right. Here are a few subsequent stages:

That last one turned into the final cover you can see below. The title changed a bit–typographical artist Judythe Sieck helped me redesign it into something a little cleaner and easier to read.
That's all for now, more in a few days.


Bill Ferguson said...

They all look great but there could have been a tangent with the placement of the Penguins at the bottom of the top rough sketch. The one Penguin's beak touches up to the Gorilla's leg. Also originally were you thinking of making the cover monochromatic? Because I am glad you ended up using the colors you did in your final.

Marcelo Braga said...
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Marcelo Braga said...

Just bought your FRANKSTEIN book at Amazon only for the cover. All the pages are great, man. Real cool and fantastic drawings in all kinds of styles. I put your link in my blog, hope you don't mind! Thanks for the inspiration!

Bruce said...

I've become such a fan of yours as of late having heard about you over at I like seeing the steps taken to reach the final cover, so thanks for sharing.

Adam Rex said...

I was thinking at first to do the cover in monochrome, Bill, or maybe duotone. Just one of the many stupid ideas I have on a regular basis.

Thanks for the link, Marcelo! I really like your travel sketches. I only have kids' book creators linked to my blog for the time being, because I have this idea that kids might be visiting (which is probably not true), and I don't want to send them to otherwise amazing art sites that may contain adult material. I might have to reconsider this policy, because a lot of great artists (such as yourself) are linking to me, and I'm not returning the favor.

Thanks, Bruce! I always want to see other artists' processes, so I assume everyone else does, too.

Shawn Escott said...

Thanks for sharing Adam! It is cool to see other artist at work and their creative process. My thumbs always look so incredibly sloppy, HAHA!!! Anyway, You may have inspired be to put a few up on my blog. :)

Ted Dawson said...

There's nothing better than seeing Unfinal work like this. Thanks for posting these. It's very cool to see some of the process.

It sucks, though, that these look better than any piece of final art I've ever done. You suck, but you rock, too. That's a good balance, I think.

Unknown said...

Great to see all the progression shots! Thanks very much for sharing these