Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Come On Feel The Illinoise!

Apologies to Sufjan Stevens for stealing his title.
I had a great visit to the Chicago area last week, thanks to Anderson's Books in Naperville. They set up two of the best school visits I've ever done (to the Crone and Scullen Middle Schools), and also had me to their store for an evening visit with customers and two elementary school classes. Below are pictures of just some of the great people I met, sorry i can't post all of them. That's me with Amy Timberake (author of The Dirty Cowboy and That Girl Lucy Moon) in the upper right.

Thanks also to the GLBA, which is not, as I found out, a support group for altenative lifestyles, but rather the Great Lakes Bookseller's Association.

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Shawn Escott said...

Congrats on the book signing!! Looks like so much fun!