Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Special Request

Diantres has asked if I could post a decent-sized image of a card of mine in the most recent Magic: The Gathering epansion, Lorwyn. It's called "Horde of Notions," apparently. When I was working on it, it was called "Teeming Host."
Here you go, Diantres:


mouseypapel said...

Me encantan tus ilustraciones para Magic!
son realmente extraordinarias!

Diantres said...


thanks a lot Adam!

this illustration it's just marvelous!

Francis Vallejo said...

WOW wow!! Top notch, I really enjoy how colorful it is, but still seems very unified!!! Thanks for the inspiration.
take care,

Adam Rex said...

Thanks, guys. This is a favorite card of mine.

Unknown said...

Incredible work. Very cool.

John said...

really beautiful.

Is that the Firefox logo come to life itn the lower left there? :)

csteingart said...

Freakin' gorgeous man, soo lush. Those creatures are amazing, yum.


capprotti said...

WOW Adam! I really love this piece! The style and design are beautiful! And of course the colors and application of paint are amazing as usual. Great stuff!