Monday, March 31, 2008

Magic Week

This week I want to show some Magic: The Gathering art I've never shown anywhere else on my blog or portfolio site.
Magic, and their parent company, Wizards of the Coast, paid nearly all my bills for years, particularly the long frustrating years when I was trying to get a break in children's publishing.
Here's a pretty lady giant, getting her flying goat groomed by hobbits or whatever.


Diantres said...

i love the colors.

gail said...

As a member of "the long frustrating years" this is great to see. Keep it coming!

I love the way you used lighting here.

Thanks for sharing,

Dan Santat said...

Adam, So I know you use photo reference on some things but did you use photo reference on any of this? Most of this looks invented.

Adam Rex said...

Hey Dan,

I had mountain goat reference, and an image of a piece of folk art that was inspiration for her shoulder ornament.
Otherwise, I don't think I did use reference for anything, including the figures. That's pretty unusual for me.
I should note, by the way, that I actually painted this card after by break into kids' books. I think my original post might suggest otherwise.

Unknown said...

This piece is amazing, a great composition and I love the pallette.

Anonymous said...

Great paintings throughout. Every one of your sketches and painting have some much charm I can hardly believe it. really wonderful blog.

c.g.young said...

Fantastick piece. It's always fun to do the larger than life scope with a character. Fun and whimsical as always...great palette and characters that jump out at you. Inspiring.

Thanks for sharing.

froggie is... said...

she's the prettiest lady giant i have ever demure with those tree trunk limbs. gotta find me some of those er, hobbits to get some laundry done around here. :)

inspiring as always.

Adam Rex said...

Thanks, everyone! And geez, great blogs!

rakuette said...

i got this card yesterday and couldn't remember where i had seen the artwork, duh, right here.

thanks for being awesome.

oh, and how big is this in real life?

Adam Rex said...

It's about 11x15, Erica.