Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Philadelphia Book Festival

I'll be stopping by the Philadelphia Book Festival on Saturday the 17th at 3:00 for some reading and signing. Come see me in the Story Hour Room of the Main Branch of the Free Library at 19th and Vine.
It'll be the day after my 35th birthday, so I'll finally be constitutionally eligible to kick off my campaign for the Presidency. So feel free to ask me to shake your hand or kiss your baby.
I'm the kind of candidate who thinks that hard-working Americans shouldn't have to read a whole blog post without getting to see a picture of a cuttlefish stuck to a puppet head, so here you go:


Anonymous said...

The Pacific Northwest tree octopus strikes again!

Adam Rex said...

Wow, what a link. I poked around on that site for a while. In the name of strict accuracy, however, I have to point out that mine in a Pacific Northwest tree cuttlefish.

froggie is... said...

yikes! what a train of thought here. public/pr announcement, to a "hey it's my birthday drop" to a cuttlefish attacking pinnochio's head illustration. yikes!

i think ALL of your posts should sign off with a cuttlefish. it just seems to work. (hee, hee!)

Adam said...

You have my vote. Totally; frankly, you had me at "cuttlefish."

Big fan.