Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post Post

I was itching to post something, so here's something–a book cover, copyright Wizards of the Coast.

TRIVIA CHALLENGE! Name the monsters in the background. Extra credit for both the Type number and the common name. The winner will receive the admiration that always accompanies knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons ephemera.


Anonymous said...

From left to right:

Hank, the Grünfolde of the North.
Larry "Teeth," who is also from The North.
Hank's brother "Frank" who is not as strong as Hank, but happens to be good with knots.
And, oh look, it's Sal, the Spotted Splintheragor.

Do I win?

froggie is... said...

blurg! ACK! i knowwww this mean bird thingy...got some dungeons and dragons beast lore by marital association. (although sadly, all of those books and manuals are choking on dust in the study closet.)

um, a griffon? chimera? steve-o, the irritated golden-eagle-bear panther? who is also handy with knots? (hee, hee, brian!)

i like that redhead warrior tho. imagine her buying luna bars at acme in that outfit. :D

Mark Behm said...

So cool! I love the richness of the colors shifting around over the surfaces and shadows.

Diantres said...

killer work as always Adam.

Ray Lederer said...

Wow! Gorgeous work Adam! Let's see, I'll take a stab at this.... Vern Killgore: Attorney at Law, Joey Nibblets: Candy Corn Sales Rep, Upton Feducious Mcgillycutty: Janitor and freelance pornographer, Sammy Sam-Sam Sammamish the III of Samsylvania: Enthusiast. Am I close?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll dork out a little ;)

4 Griffins almost for sure unless one is hiding.

The other(s) are too big to be Bugbear and no armor. Doesn't seem to be armed and with it's stance it doesn't have a third arm either so probably not a Athach. I can't see their hands for claws to be sure but, I'll say 2 Blue Slaad. One in back. The shadow in front of the archer appears appears to be one too. Big enough and seemed ticked off so might as well be Slaad.

Always a fan by the way. Love the loose style of painting you have. Even came in second over on MTGSalvation for a tribute banner I did of your work. I'd post a URl but you have links turned off and it's a long one so don't want to break a layout ;)

Unknown said...

That composition is real clever - the way the values are arranged is great too. Impressive stuff Mr.Rex.

Unknown said...

that's friggin awesome

Anonymous said...

Three vrocks and a hezrou. :)

Adam Rex said...

Finally! Well done, Mr. Stewart.
And thanks, everyone else.

anima-base said...

ADAM, cool and great work~