Friday, July 4, 2008

Frankenstein Takes the Cake

I think it's about time to start previewing stuff from my September book, Frankenstein Takes the Cake. Details about it have already been trickling onto the web, including some nice reviews here and here.
So this blog is far from the only place where you can see the finished cover, but first thing's first. I also posted a color sketch of same previously. Oh, and happy 4th, if you're American.


Bill Ferguson said...

The new book is Great!! I love the Headless Horseman's Off the top of my head blog and the ET Mail, Spam from Outer Space poem. What media did you use for the Kaiju Haiku illustrations?? Great work!!!

Adam Rex said...

Hi Bill,

I used traditional sumi-e ink (if I'm saying that right) on rice paper. And then I fixed all my mistakes digitally.

Francis Vallejo said...

can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Just came across this book with my kids and can't wait to use it with my high school students too!