Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, By the Way...

If you're in the Decatur/Atlanta, GA area, please come see me at the Decatur Book Festival this weekend. I'll be reading and signing and trying not to feel outclassed by all the other authors there.


Viv Rae said...

i saw you on friday! i was one of the lovely 8th graders in that giant group of middle schoolers. i will admit you were a lot cooler then i thought you would be. you can read my blog(s) if you want they are just mainly my random rabblelings i've done over the past year or so.

P.S. i was up front in the second row of little tiny chairs to your left.

viv/RAE leonard

maria mola said...

I met you through SCBWI bulletin cover. I really like your style, congratulations for Frankenstein takes the cake,


Anonymous said...

You were AWESOME! The whole festival was incredible but you and DiTerlizzi were easily the best parts.

Adam Rex said...

Hi Viv Rae! I want that on my tombstone: "I will admit [Adam was] a lot cooler than I thought [he] would be." Thanks.

Thanks, Maria!

And thank you to Leigh for finding J.Lo on MySpace. He needs all the friends he can get.

Sue said...

I finished "Smekday" in about a day. Couldn't put it down. Loved the visual of the flamingos and drag quenns. My kids cracked up!
Also, great to see you at the Decatur Book Festival. We really enjoyed it! Taking your books to school to show the 5th grade teachers!