Monday, October 6, 2008

I Only Steal From the Best

I love making up names for imaginary products and businesses and putting them in my books. MicrocosMart. The Wall Street Taco Exchange. Noda, the Soda Substitute. All of these appeared in my novel The True Meaning of Smekday, and one even appeared in Pssst!
Smekday also has a passing mention of a foodstuff called TUB! that comes with its own spoon. Last night I was watching an old Simpsons and noticed something in the following clip:

Is it a coincidence? Did I steal it without realizing? Dang.


Meridth McKean Gimbel said...

So I was actually talking about this to my husband the other day. He wanted me to illustrate some mutated fluffy bunnies and make a book about it because it would be cool... right? I told him that it had already been done. (Michele Gagne's Insanely Twisted Rabbits) In this case it wasn't a subconscious reference... But I kind of strongly believe that we all aren't Adam (from Eve) and nobody creates in a vacuum.

Basically what I'm trying to say Adam is that you're funny.

david elzey said...

Doesn't this support Jung's concept of the collective unconsciousness at work?


I have to say, every time I see your blog header i keep thinking I see Super Abe's mouth move, like he's talkin' and I have the sound off. I always check. Freaks me out.

Lunchbox said...

It happens to the best of us. I drew a series of "randy" robots for my class with Bawidamann last year. In one, a robot was looking at a robot playboy in his bedroom and the centerfold was open and his mom was busting him. I guess it was done in an ep of Futurama and I forgot about it. I was quite red faced as everyone in the room seemed to remember and remind me at the same time. Oh well...

Mongo, At The Moment said...

This reminds me of the Japanese soap powder, "Mister Sparkle", which Homer found at the Springfield Landfill (uh, the Dump). The package had a logo on its face which looked exactly like Homer.

Everything about the product -- from the 'investor video' with its Anime-style cartoon of Homer's head speaking in Japanese ("Join me in my world crusade for cleanliness -- or die!"), to the explanation of the logo (the merging of two other corporate logos: A Carp, And a Machine Tool), was clearly enough of a hoot to stick in my tiny mind.