Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Edgar Allan Poem

In acknowledgment of Poe's 200th birthday, is republishing my Poe-ems from Frankenstein Takes the Cake. Here's the first of them.


Nina Crittenden said...

I had a teacher in college who always referred to EAP as "Ed Poe" like they were best friends. I bet Ed Poe would be happy to know that he is in your books.

Anonymous said...

I saw these on and like them very much. Just wanted to let you know.


Editorial Anonymous said...

Of all your poems, this series is my favorite. How I love them.

I don't suppose there are high-quality prints available? I would happily kill someone for them. Just so you know.

Adam Rex said...

That would have been smart of me, wouldn't it, EA? I should have made some up for Poe's birthday.
I've always been wary of prints. How nice do I make them? How many would I print? What if nobody buys them and I've just wasted a couple hundred dollars?

The only print I've really made commercially available is my reading poster:

It's print on demand, and I think it makes for a nice poster, but it's hardly a gallery-quality giclée on archival paper or anything.

Would you buy poster prints of the Poe pieces if I made them available in my shop, EA? I could do that, soon.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for the comments.

Editorial Anonymous said...

As long as they weren't much bigger than the book spreads.

I've only got so much wall space.

Editorial Anonymous said...

Surely there are fancier pod options than zazzle? what about lulu?

Editorial Anonymous said...

P.S. I opted for the "Book" t-shirt rather than the poster. It's kinda scratchy, though.

Adam Rex said...

I haven't seen any of lulu's output, though I've generally heard good things. Do they make good-quality prints?

I'm pretty happy with the huge "BOOK" poster I have hanging in my studio now, though I think Zazzle's shirts are hit or miss. I've come to the conclusion that line-art and solid-color vectore-style graphics reproduce the best, so I'm sorry you ended up with a shirt with a photographic image. And I'm sorry it itches.

Editorial Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure about their art prints. I'm kind of an ignoramus about art reproduction, so don't rely on my for recommendations.