Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unused Sketch #2

Here's another batch of sketches that have thus far gone unused. That may change at some point.

A while back I was going to work up a bunch of spot illustrations of Abraham SuperLincoln and see if a particular magazine wanted to run them as space-filler. I sketched up quite a few more than I'm showing here, but these were the ones that made the cut. Then about a half-dozen more pressing matters got in the way and I dropped them.

I think they're mostly self-explanatory. I'll only note that yes, that is a bad drawing of Lincoln punching out Hitler in the top left. And in the bottom left he's preparing to hurl a Nazi at, ostensibly, more Nazis.

I just noticed I didn't draw him wearing his mask in any of these. That's weird.


David said...

Krakow. Maybe the best use of comic sound effect text ever.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

great poses! Hitler is definitely gonna feel that tomorrow

Unknown said...

these are sweet, would love to see them get painted :)