Thursday, July 16, 2009


I little digitally painted head from last night, drawn and rendered with my Wacom while I was waiting for my wife to finish something up in another part of the house. I thought I'd been at it a while, but apparently the whole thing took twenty minutes. Which is telling me that I may be over-thinking things in my work as a whole.


Paul Schmid said...

Either that or your skills are becoming more automatic.

I've found that the longer I've ben doing something (and I've been doing things for quite a while now,) The less conscious I am of my brain getting involved in the process.

I'm guessing you're not thinking less, you're thinking somewhere deeper (and less chatty) in your brain.

That, and perhaps you just trusted yourself on the sketch because it wasn't really crucial to anything.


Adam Rex said...

Yeah, probably a little of all of that.

Here was my thought process regarding this post, in a nutshell:

I paint a quick head, like it, want to put it on my blog.

But I want people to know it was done quickly, so they won't think I'm passing it off as a finished piece.

But I don't want to sound like I'm bragging too much with that "twenty minutes" comment, so I throw a self-deprecating musing at the end.

You need to post more of your own stuff, by the way, and less of Zwerger's, lovely as it is.

Lisa Yee said...

You did that in 20 minutes? Geez, I can't even tie my shoes in 20 minutes.

Paul Schmid said...

I'm deep in the visual concepting stage on Petunia right now, so I'm getting myself all jazzed up by looking at the greats. All I've done lately are codified scribbles that only I can read.

Nothing to see here folks, move along!

BTW: 20 MINUTES!!! You ARE a jeen-ee-us! ;)

Eric Braddock said...

Pretty damn sweet for merely 20 minutes, man. Always nice to hit one of those moments when things just sorta go the way you want them to and time kinda zips on by. The absolute worst though is when you're so into whatever it is you're working on and you realize it's been 6-8 hours since you last ate. heh ;)

hope the move is going well!

Diego Simone said...

and just 20 minutes... damn!

Don Coker said...

Good stuff, Adam! I like this guy.

dan trauten said...

Agreed, I notice a lot too that my quick sketches and musings surprise me, since I'm less chatty up in the brain, as was said. Sometimes digital painting loosens me up, too. This is a great sketch Adam!