Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Can See Russia From My Hotel

Other things I saw during my run this morning, in chronological order:

–Mountains hemmed in by snowy, languid clouds
–Plants with perfect little clusters of white flowers like they're boutonniere factories or something
–Fuchsia flowers like fireworks
–Violet flowers so intense you could wear them around your neck at a rave
–Mud flats!
–Fishing trawlers!
–Quietly still, heavy water
–Instructions for what to do if I meet a moose
–A small prop plane AND a beautifully refurbished old blue and gold passenger train (slogan suggestion to the Alaskan Board of Tourism: Anchorage–Where the Twentieth Century Comes Alive!)

I had a great morning. This afternoon I have my first library visit, at the Z. J. Loussac branch. Pictures tomorrow.

1 comment:

kim baker said...

Alaska sounds lovely.
Now I have guilt. All you saw here were 'burbs. Lame.
The new book is great!