Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Residents of Kansas City!

I will be a participant in this week's DNA Lit Fest. Please click that thing for more information. Also participating are Uri Shulevitz, Brian Selznick, Kate Klise, Patricia Polacco, and Judy Sierra, so give me a break, just go already.

If you don't want me coming and messing up your city now's the time to say something.


Zach Kline said...

hey, question! Is the True Meaning of Smekday a chapter book or a picture book? Just wondering, it really has nothing to do with the post, although traveling to another state is always pretty fun. Enjoy yourself.

rhonda said...

Reading Reptile's owners have such an interesting and brave view on children's literature. I'm a KC native, now in AZ, and I wish I could attend this event. You're a good match for the festival, and KC will love you. Just don't bring up KU's loss in the second round of the Final Four. Jayhawks everywhere are still in mourning.

Melissa J. L. said...

Just wanted to drop by and say it was wonderful to meet you today. Hope your trip home is safe.

Karen_From_Kansas said...

Thought you would enjoy these! We loved having you in KC!
- Rosehill Enhanced Learning

Adam Rex said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments, and special thanks to Karen for posting those links.

Zach, I think of it as a novel. It's certainly not a picture book, anyway. Picture books average 32 pages.