Monday, March 8, 2010

Tucson Festival of Books

If you live in or around Tucson, or if your car recently broke down here, I hope you'll join me this weekend on the campus of the University of Arizona for the second annual Tucson Festival of Books. Follow that link for a lot of information. Here, though, is my schedule:

Saturday the 13th:

10am–I'll be introducing the awards presentation for the Flash Fiction Contest on the Story Telling Stage in front of the Psychology building.

2-2:45pm–I'll be signing books at the Kids' Center/Simon & Schuster booth. No, I don't know where that is, either. Somewhere on the mall.

3-3:30–I'll be in the Teen Author's Lounge, which I understand is some kind of tent. I may be reading or drawing or just answering questions–it'll depend on who shows up.

4-5pm–I'll be on a panel with Jon Scieszka, Mac Barnett, and Chris Gall in the Kiva Auditorium in the College of Education building. We're apparently going to talk about being funny. To paraphrase Elvis Costello, talking about being funny is like dancing about architecture. So come watch us dance in the Kiva Auditorium in the College of Education building.

5-5:30–I'll be autographing some more in the designated area.

I've been to a lot of book festivals, and the one Tucson put on last year was among the best I've attended. Let's all get out there and show everyone what kind of town we live in.