Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEA Comic

This is a bit of a last-minute reminder to those of you actually attending Book Expo America this week, But I'm in New York at the moment and my internet access has been spotty. I sign my next novel, Fat Vampire, today at ten o'clock. As evidenced in this little comic I created from an excerpt of a longer interview with Edward Nawotka for Publishing Perspectives. Hopefully the longer interview will be available soon–that web address they told me to include at the bottom of the comic doesn't seem to work.
Click to enlarge.


Zach Kline said...

Liked the comic. Expanding your market is always cool. I think your humor will resonate more with the young adult crowd. Congrats!

Kelly Polark said...

Ha! Superbad with vampires! I know I'm going to love it!

Phil Hilliker said...

Fun! Did you put it together digitally while you were at bea?

And I absolutely agree with you about the current portrayal of vampires. They've gone from horror to strange object of fantasy.