Tuesday, June 1, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast

Previously, I presented the pigeon nesting on my porch, and later the one-week-old results of her efforts. Here they are again, now no older than three weeks.

Mugwort Jon Smelly, and Bert Lane Rasputin.

And here they are again, a day later and with a different camera.

I also shot this of the parents, Penelope Van der Pigeon and Andrew Toodlewinks de la Xavier, who are now nesting on the other side of the porch.
Thank you all for the naming help.


gm said...

Wow, they're huge!

Anonymous said...

if you happen to have any more pigeons appear in your abode, may I suggest the name : Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Pigeonne

Unknown said...

Nothing like flying rats living in the nooks and cracks of your house. I suggest getting an exterminator out there to take care of business because I think bb guns are illegal

Holly said...

The morning "hallooo pigeons" is going to be really long, but it's worth it, knowing someone popped Isaac Marzioli in the arse with a round of bbs.