Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adam’s mom wants me to take down that last post, but I can’t figure out how. She wants everyone to know that her son was very successful. Maybe not as successful as he would have been had he followed his father into engineering–ask me how many homicidal goth copyeditors have visited me lately at Honeywell–but I guess that’s water under the bridge.

Heh. Water under the bridge. You know some legends say vampires can’t cross water? I read it on Wikipedia. A little dead son vampire humor, there.

God, you people are getting to me.


Cynthia Lara said...

please adam's dad ....just please answer i know maybe it is some kind of joke because you are like...humoristic about things but...
please please answer to adam rex alive?

Adam Rex said...

Keep reading, Ishkur, and thanks for worrying.