Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guys Read: Funny Business

For years now Jon Scieszka has been championing books for boys and encouraging parents and educators to just let the poor guys read what they want with his organization GUYS READ. He's even published a Guys Read anthology already, with a lot of great stories, but now he's getting serious. So to speak.

Later this month all good Americans will be reading Guys Read: Funny Business, the first of the forthcoming Guys Read Library. I had the honor to write a story for this anthology of humor, and to illustrate the whole thing.

So I thought I'd kick off September, which will inevitably be renamed Guys Read Month, with the uncropped cover of GR:FB.

This is what it'll look like in stores:

We went through a lot of iterations with this cover. I'll post all of them soon.


Kelly Polark said...

Love it! Looking forward to reading the collection because some gals like to read what guys read. :)

NĂºria Coe said...

Great cover! Sounds like it had to simmer for a while...

Anonymous said...

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