Monday, October 18, 2010

Event and other Stuff

I'm going to be appearing at the Barnes & Noble at 5130 E Broadway in Tucson on October 23rd at 2pm. I will sign books (preferably mine), possibly do a reading, and accurately guess people's weights to within three pounds. Hope to see you there. Hope to see anyone there, really.

I thought I'd also share another cover illustration I don't think I posted before, since I've been talking about the Brixton Brothers books a bit lately. Previously I posted this, the cover of the first BB book. Steve is about to be apprehended by a cadre of mysterious and commando-like librarians.

When the time came for the paperback edition a new cover was requested, so I devised something a lot simpler and I think a little less stiff than the original:

You'll have to read the book if you want to understand why Steve is dressed like a sailor.


Kitty Sparks said...

God, I wish I lived in Arizona. Mild winters, cool cacti, AND Adam Rex.

:paula said...

Nice! Love that new cover, although the old one will always have a place in my heart for having a READ poster in it. I've spent a lot of time staring at those poster.

Staring, plotting, wondering how they manage to get all their celebs to look so hung over... is it the lighting you think? Or do they make them learn Dewey Decimal before they do the shoot?

bestpi said...

I love the Rockwell influence in your style. It is absolutely endearing. Thanks!