Monday, January 17, 2011

The Illustrators Home Office

Late last night I got an assignment from the Illustrators Home Office. I hadn't heard boo from them in two years but then I'm suddenly awakened by the chugga-chugga noise of my Illustratophone. I didn't even know it was plugged in.

I hate that chugga-chugga noise.

Anyway, I checked it this morning and the assignment's a peach, so I must be back in their good graces:

Here's the first batch. They'll probably have me doing these all week. I won't know I'm done until the Illustratophone makes the pinging noise and raises the little flags and the tiny metal bird goes back and forth on the track with the yellow things, and you know what they say–a watched illustratophone never pings. So I may as well keep my head down.


Brian Biggs said...

How do you know they mean panda BEARS? I would have thought they mean to draw those little Fiats. But that's me.

Kactiguy said...

The IHO never calls when it is convenient. It's always draw, draw ,draw. I wonder sometimes if they even care. I must say though, Illustratophones are hard to come by these days and yours is a beaut.

Adam Rex said...

Oh hell, Brian–I HOPE they didn't mean the car. If I was gonna ask I should have asked right away. You know how the IHO can be. If they didn't mean bears they would have said something, right?

Kactiguy–Thanks! I'm told my Illustratophone was formerly commissioned to Clive Lumley, who of course is best known for the popular "Lumley Girl" series of illustrated hosiery ads in the 50s and 60s.

I prefer to remember him for these, and not for his slow decline into pornographic album covers in the 1970s and beyond.

Brian Biggs said...

Kactiguy, I saw a bunch of the cheaper Illustratophone units on sale at Wal-Mart just before Christmas. They had the thermo paper that gets jammed real easily and a bunch of skinny bearded hipster boys were standing around wondering if they were worth the trouble. One of them said "do we really need one of these? I mean I have the IHO app on my iPhone" and, well, you know how well that stupid app works. I tried it and it just got cross-signals from Twitter so I'd get these messages ostensibly from the Home Office that just said inane stuff. It was dumb.