Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For Her Birthday My Friend Wants Two Libraries.

My old high school friend Stephanie is about to turn 38 (Which I suppose means I am, too. Shoot.), and she's doing something really excellent. She'd like to raise 700 dollars in 7 days–which is apparently just enough to establish two libraries in rural schools in Guatemala, where Stephanie was in the Peace Corps. She's doing this through her late mother's charity, Books for a Better World, and I'm going to help. I thought some of you people might like to help, too.

To earmark your donation, please add 38 cents to the dollar amount. Make it $5.38, $20.38, whatever. I'll have her report back in a week to tell us how much she raised.

I know you have a lot of people asking for your money, but can I just reiterate: for her birthday Stephanie wants two Guatemalan libraries. Isn't this exactly the sort of person we want to encourage?


Martha Brockenbrough said...

Great idea, Adam! I'm in.

Unknown said...

Aw, shucks, Adam. That is great! With your help we'll bring in enough for 4 libraries.I had to set a new goal because after just 3 days, my birthday wish has generated over $1,000 in donations to Books for a Better World! How cool is that?!

Kitty Sparks said...

What a great thing to do! I've always got a little money for a library or two.
By the way, congrats on the iPad commercial! I caught it on tv today. Aren't you glad Fat Vampire has such a vibrant cover? You can't miss it.

StephG said...

We did it! We raised $1,447.78 for Books for a Better World in just one week! Here's a big and heart-felt thank to all who helped make my birthday wish come true!