Monday, April 11, 2011

Toy Story 4

Finally got around to seeing Toy Story 3 yesterday. Whatta movie.

I have a pitch for Toy Story 4 now: the toys go on a quest to confront God and demand to know why they were given sentience and free will when it can only cause them pain.


Holly said...

You know what I like in a family movie? Having to explain to an 8 year-old why everyone is silently gripping hands and resigning themselves to a horrific fiery death while the 2 year-old is still crying because the baby doll lost his mama. Fun times.

megwrites said...

Good movie...but definitely too terrifying for my kids. You know, the burning scene.
I like your idea for a sequel, though. It sounds so upbeat.

Anonymous said...

I liked all the Toy Story movies. So did my kids. Toy Story 3 was different and it was extremely exciting to watch. There were some creepy and scary parts. But they weren't overbearing enough to traumatize a small child. My 4 year old LOVED all of it.

I don't think Toy Story 4 could be about GOD. With atheism running amuck, I would say such a story would be considered non-productive, financially speaking. The way I see it, Andy grew up and is out. The little girl is the new star. Of course, Andy could be brought in.

My idea would be this. Andy comes home during a college break. The toys get into another predicament and at some point in the movie, Andy becomes involved and sees the toys alive. So for the first time you now have a human that knows about the hidden toy world, but sworn to secrecy. He helps the toys in their predicament to help keep them safe in the hands of Bonnie. This type of story would break any monotony from having too many sequels.

Adam Rex said...

Yeah, I was kidding, actually.

I like your sequel idea, but I personally think they should avoid another TS movie entirely. Good stories have endings.