Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Back when I was in school, my instructor David Christiana more than once charged us to do a self-portrait-a-day for a period of time. He had, himself, completed a self-portrait every day for a year when he was younger, and had found the process very instructive.
I always both hated and loved this assignment. It was tough, of course–I had to devote one to two hours a day on one class, for about two weeks. But at the end of the assignment I always recognized that I'd made some real progress in my development, and in a relatively short period of time.
Nowadays the internet is filed with people who do this sort of thing: portrait-a-day, dude-a-day, painting-a-day, etc. But this was back in, like, '96. It was considered pretty extreme.
If you've read this far you probably think I'm inaugurating a new self-imposed self-portrait-a-day assignment. It would have made for a great New Year's resolution, right? Truth is, I just felt like busting out a fast portrait the other day, so I painted this digitally from a photo taken with my laptop camera. Took about 45 minutes. I think it is OK.


Marcelo Braga said...

Where is the MUSTACHE?

test said...

Man I remember those assignments. One time, we were assigned to do something like 50 self portraits in one week or whatever. Needless to say, many were "experimental."

Anonymous said...

I thought it must be an old picture cause today in real life you're much handsomer.

Lisa Yee said...

OMG, 45-minutes?

Anonymous said...

This is very nice Adam.
But truthfully I am disappointed there is no moustache.

Anonymous said...

what program do you use to paint digitallly?

The Cog said...

...your art classes paid off...because this self portrait is way more than "ok" dude... :)

Larry MacDougall said...

Nice one Adam.

Douglas Florian said...

Very fine one, Adam.
The Dutch painter Philip Akkerman has done an amazing self-portrait every day for about ten years, each one different. He shows at Bravin Lee Gallery in NY


Adam Rex said...

MB–the mustache has left its position to spend more time with family.

G–Hey, Randy!

BB–you big sweetie.


KD–There seem to be enough of you with mustache issues to form a support group. Does anyone want to look into that?

A–Photoshop CS3, with a Wacom Intuos tablet.


LM–Hey, Larry! Thanks to you as well.

P–Thanks for the link, Douglas. It's funny the way you can tell he's Dutch, just from how he paints.

Viv Rae said...

Up until the fifth grade my art teacher would make us draw a self portrait every year. i always hated doing the assignment, because i never liked drawing my nose. i couldn't draw my own nose, it would drive me nuts erasing over and over.