Saturday, April 4, 2009

Idiot Box Show is up

The Idiot Box show has opened at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, featuring my Small Wonder painting, shown at right, as well as dozens of other works of art inspired by television nostalgia.  You can see all the work in the show by clicking this sentence.  Not this sentence, the last sentence.  No,'s probably a different color–look for that.  Here, let me do it, you're screwing it up.


Vinod Rams said...

Uh wait, sentence no none take me to picturs.
Oh wait DID work good!!

Awesome work as usual Adam!

Anonymous said...

i found the blog for this show yesterday via another site. i was scrolling down through all of the pieces in the show and came across your piece. i knew it was yours even before i scrolled down to see the name. love it! i watched that awful show so much as a kid. i was trying to make out the face in the window. is it that obnoxious neighbor girl who always wore scrunchies that matched her outfits?

Adam Rex said...

Thanks, Vinod!

Yep, Anonymous–that's Harriet.