Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Te gusta la comida, ¿no?

I've just learned that my book Frankenstein Takes the Cake has finally come out in a spanish-language edition–my first book to be reprinted in any language other than english. You can check out the catalog listing for Frankenstein se Hace un Sándwich at the Océano website. And for those who can't read spanish, I've had my laptop's language widget translate the catalog entry:
Frankenstein is hungry but no of its neighbors wants to share with him the food and to only they throw rotten foods him. What they ignore is that what for some is stinking sweepings, for others is a delight. The ghost of the Opera is sorry the fact that it cannot compose nothing because it has stuck a song. The creature of the Black Lagoon does not pay attention to the advice to her mother and room to swim too much soon after eating, reason why she sinks in the water for always. Conde Drácula walks for all sides with a spinach obstructed in his eyeteeth because nobody dares to warn to him…


Kelly Polark said...

How wonderful for you to share your wit with those who speak another language and how wonderful for them to be able to experience your fun book!

Ericka said...

Oooo! How exciting! Congratulations, Adam! Your work reaaaallly deserves to be shared in other countries.

So...Your work in continental America is pretty much done. Next stop: France, then, the whole of Europe. Ooo! fancy! I can see it all now..."Frankenstein steals the quiche!" haha.

P.S. By the way, the post title sounds weird in spanish...did you use one of those web translators? or did you do it on purposeeee? haha

JoSoWhat said...

I bought 'Frankenstein se hace un sandwich' yesterday in Murcia, Spain (where I live).


Ericka: very weird indeed (just like my english, though) I don't really know what it means! :D


Adam Rex said...

Maybe you guys can help me fix the post title, then...you're right, it's just a tranlation of "You like food, don't you?" that I got from my computer's built-in translator. I'm not surprised it's bad. My wife actually speaks spanish fairly well, but she isn't around right now.
Jose–What do you think of the translation of the book itself? I haven't been sent a copy yet. I'm very interested to know if they were able to retain the rhyme and rhythm and humor without sacrificing much.

Ericka said...

"Te gusta la comida, ¿no?"

I imagined you meant that but I wasn't sure. You should use google translate next time. It's the most accurate translator I have ever used. It's not perfect but...almost. haha

Adam Rex said...

Awesome. Thanks, Ericka!

Anonymous said...

Man, that is fantastic!
how very fun!
please do this again when you translate more.

JoSoWhat said...

Hi all,
the title is perfect now :). Actually, you can read in the cover of the book: "Porque te gusta la comida ¿no?".

I haven't seen original edition so can't compare fairly, but, in my opinion, the spanish edition is gorgeous.
Don't worry about humor because it's there. And, although I suppose it's imposible to translate the whole rhyme and rhythm thing, I think they've done a good job.
Both my daughters love it (even one of them is 18 mo and doesn't understand a word I'm reading :D)

Diantres said...


i'll try to get a copy!

(Además, me gusta la comida!)

Diego Simone said...

i've seen "Frankenstein se hace un sandwich" yesterday on a bookstore, here, in Argentina... i'll come to get it when next week for sure :)

forcryeye said...

Congrats! I came across Frankenstein Takes the Cake this weekend, and can't stop looking at it! thank goodness I have 4 children, so I can read it over and over...I think 17 year and 13 year old's still like to be read to, don't you?